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UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing usability
UI/UX Designing usability

The prototyping stage (creation of UX/UI mock-ups) should be the beginning of every major IT project. It allows for quick verification of assumptions, and making changes is not expensive.

Our goal is to combine customer requirements, innovative solutions and current trends in such a way that the final product is convenient, intuitive and meets the expectations of users.

We have extensive expertise in the design of mock-ups in the following categories:

  • Electronic commerce
  • Dedicated systems
  • Start-ups
  • Mobile apps


Graphic design/Video
Graphic design/Video

A good design attracts attention, builds trust and increases credibility. Regardless of whether it concerns a business card, offer catalogue, website or online shop.

With our projects, your company will stand out and will attract attention. We will ensure that each graphics is unique, consistent and original.

The whole image is complemented with a professional photo session of products/team/company or a special video highlighting the key benefits of the offer.

Our specialization includes:

  • Visual identification
  • Catalogues, leaflets, business cards
  • E-commerce
  • Websites
  • Photo/video

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet applications
Dedicated Internet applications

A “tailored made” app is the best way to meet individual needs. You can freely develop and adapt it, and, if necessary, integrate the system with external suppliers.

We have been developing on-line applications for many years. We treat each task individually – analysing needs, selecting optimal design methods and technologies. We try to balance customer requirements with technical capabilities and budget, in order to ensure that the system is functional, intuitive and easy to use.

Our offer includes a wide range of projects:

  • Websites and web pages
  • Online stores
  • CMS, CRM, ERP systems
  • Affiliate and partner programs
  • Booking systems
  • Online competitions



In some sectors, the majority of users seeks for products and services on the Internet. Hence, the visibility of a company in the search engine is often the key driver of sales.

In order to increase revenues and brand awareness, we provide comprehensive services in the field of positioning (SEO and search engine marketing campaigns (SEM).

We take care of search stage of strategy building, which consists of:

  • Analysis of the situation and expectations
  • Selection of phrases and methods
  • Optimization, campaign launch
  • Monitoring of performance


Artneo CMF
Artneo CMF

Artneo CMF - is software used for website content management, customer relations, production processes, ecommerce and many more. Contact us  and we will adjust this solution to your needs.