flaga unii europejskiej

Marcin Wójcik

Art Driector/UiI Designe

Head of the graphics department. The fear of those who do not adhere to proportions and spacing. Morbidly afraid of diseases. Football and motorcycles are his thing.

Arkadiusz Drohomirecki

Member of The Management

One of the two creators of Artneo. Thanks to his meticulous approach to business and composure in decision-making, he is the pillar of #ArtneoTeam.

Paweł Czerwonik

Key Account Specialist

Customer Service Department Master. Phone and mail are his attributes of power. Likes to clean the desk.

Wojciech Suchowiecki

Member of The Management

One of the two Chiefs of our tribe. Programmed for sharp pace and goal implementation. The person for impossible missions. In order to meet the Customer half-way, tries his darnedest. If you live on an island, he will swim to you... provided that the distance is not more than 4 kilometres.

Michał Stawicki

Software Developer

The master of code with the steel gaze. Loves concerts, black clothes and sarcastic responses. In his free time, he likes to connect cables to lights and speakers, although he is not an electrician.

Artur Lisowski

Computer Specialist

When he is not busy with handling servers, he gets into his white Punto to save the world of IT.

Tomasz Kilijański

Development Team Leader

The Brain of the Programming Department with above-average organizational skills. A man of few words, but a man with strong work ethics.

Michał Dubaj

Senior Project Manager

#Artneo Team’s Warsaw envoy. One of the people who contributed to the expansion of Artneo to the entire country. The deadline-man, for whom nothing is impossible.

Martyna Rokita

Sales Specialist

The first and the only star of our team. Introduces an element of subtlety and grace... provided that she has chocolate first.

Patryk Drozdowski

Graphic DTP / Web Designer

Master of calmness and composure, but... Still water runs deep. He commands a ruler at the master level, and he has seen all weather conditions while riding on his bike.

Kamil Tunkiewicz

Graphic Desinger

The youngest soul in our team. In addition to graphic design, he likes to bake cakes... especially for Martyna.

Kamil Szunejko

Graphic Desinger

The brain of textile printing, but he is so talented, that we asked him to do everything. Collects unusual buckets.

Paweł Ługowski

Wordpress and Prestashop Developer

Knows Wordpress better than the Polish language. Programmer that loves militarism is a bad omen. But we managed.

Michał Węgrzycki

Software Developer

Likes to shut out the world with big headphones.